Month: July 2019

Supporting MEP with 15% of every safari!

Did you know that 15% of your total payment for any safari goes directly to conservation and communities?

Because without pristine landscapes of natural habitat and the wildlife that comes with it, we wouldn’t have the incredible areas in which we safari, so it’s the foundation of our entire operation.

Recently, the Mara Elephant Project, which we have supported from day one, has worked with the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association to collaborate with the Pardamat Conservancy to take down their fences and allow 15 parcels of land, which amounts to 500 acres of land, to be opened up to wildlife. We are excited about this because it will set an example for other communities to think about doing the same.

The amount of fenced-in land in the Mara is on the rise, with some communities hoping to benefit by keeping livestock and crops safe from wildlife. Unfortunately, the fences not only harm the wildlife, like zebra and wildebeest, but they also cut off key corridors for elephants.

One of the landowners in Pardamat Conservancy said:

“From my view as a landowner in Pardamat Conservancy we wanted to have good grass for our animals and that’s why we decided to erect fences, but it’s turning different because these animals are still breaking fences and getting in and many animals are dying in the process. This is worse than poaching because we are blocking animal corridors and we are losing wildebeest and giraffes everyday killed by electric fences. We needed a better solution and today we’re celebrating that.”

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