The ‘lost’ ride in an area of understated beauty. Spain. May 2022

Hidden away in the Iberian Peninsula lies a range of hills called Sierra Morena. A wild and ‘lost’ region of Northern Andalucia. Felicia and I had the absolutely pleasure to explore on horseback with a group of guests these mountains, streams and ancient bridleways which meandered their way through oak and cork forests. It was Spring and the many meadows were thickly clotted with wildflowers. George Scott was our enchanting and at times, mischievous host and guide. Our first night was at Trasierra, the family finca, beautifully styled and re-loved by George’s mother, Charlotte. From here we rode to the XVI Century Taramona Farm House – the rambling Spanish countryside home of George himself. I loved this place. Karma from heaven. As the days drifted by we penetrated deeper into the back country staying in traditional unrestored farmhouses and eventually made it to a magnificent Rajasthani safari camp. Each evening dozens of candles, hurrican lamps and open fires were our only source of light under the blanket of night stars. The food throughout was absolutely delicious Andalusian cuisine at its very best. Every evening we gathered around a fire and enjoyed gracious sundowners and nibbles. There was a bewitching magic to the whole experience. We will be back.