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A heartfelt thanks to all of you whom so kindly donated earlier this year to our appeal towards supporting our various school projects and to keep our anti-poaching rangers in the field. 

School & Education Projects 2021

We recently started a project to encourage young Kenyans to visit Sangare Conservancy (a 4,500 acre wildlife conservancy in Nyeri County, Central Kenya). It is hard to believe that so many Kenyans have never seen a giraffe, zebra, buffalo, elephant etc. in their lives. Thanks to your financial contributions, we were able to organise six school day trips, with a total of 189 students ranging in ages from 6-18 years and 23 teachers. A full day game-driving and walking with wildlife and to experience an open and wild natural landscape. In addition, lunch was provided for everyone that included a loaf of bread and a soda. The overall reaction was humbling. Here are just some of their unedited comments;

“On behalf of Karicheni Primary School parents, teachers and leaners, I wish to thank you and everyone whom made the Sangare Conservancy Tour a success.”

“Each days safari activity to see wildlife in alleviating the lowest in society is a blessing. Never faint in doing good brother.”

“Am so grateful for the opportunity accorded to the schools and wish you good.”

“The faces express delight by Lusoi Primary School as they board for a safari tour.”

“Hallo Sir. I’m today happy to see my first giraffe. Thanks.”

Furthermore, we were able to continue our ongoing support of a school by paying for an additional school teacher to our local community – Mrs Ruth Anyango Ndeda.

We still have plenty of funds in the kitty and will keep you updated as to how it is spent over the next 12 months.

Anti-poaching Rangers, Land Leases & Community Commitments 2021

Kenya’s national parks, private conservancies and wildlife protected areas are almost entirely funded through tourism. One can imagine the catastrophic effect the pandemic has had on this source of revenue. However, through your generosity we were able to keep our ranger patrols active over the last 18 months, doing vital anti-poaching work and human-wildlife conflict liaison. Much of the land on which we share with our guests is actually owned by local communities. We pay these land owners a guaranteed rent so that they appreciate the true value of wildlife and open ecosystems. This policy has also been maintained, albeit at a reduced rate, throughout Covid. 

May we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and blessings for the coming year and a huge appreciation for your kindness and support.

Gordie, Felicia and the Safaris Unlimited Team

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