Mantras for 2021

I have discovered six mantras that I love and plan to fulfill for the remainder of this year and beyond. We need to do so much more for our environment and our planet. There is a climate crisis and we must reconnect with nature.

1. GET INVOLVED. I will vote at every opportunity, speak out and take time to learn about climate change and support environmental organisations close to my heart. Some that are already close to my heart include Mara Elephant Project, MMWCA, Seas 4 Life Trust, Mara Predator Conservation and Save the Elephants.

2. BE CURIOUS. Read, learn (and unlearn). Read books that challenge my point of view and anything about the art of travel. Sophy Roberts’ IGTV series make me think big and beyond.

3. EAT CONSCIOUSLY. Eat local and seasonal. By choosing carefully what I eat, I can be an activist three times a day. I should be eating less meat, but struggling. Check out Green Spoon if you’re local.

4. SUPPORT SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESS. As they often have a smaller carbon footprint, they care about and are invested in the well being of the community and its future.

5. BUY SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL FASHION. You know me, slightly vain safari guide, but hey, look to see where our clothes are coming from, who was involved, how much they are they paid and what the clothing is made of. We love Hamaji Clothing. 100% brilliant.

6. LOOK AFTER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Get out into the great outdoors (post lockdown). Exercise. Ride a horse. It’s always SO good for your mind. So obviously… come on safari with us.

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