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How We Match Our Guests To Our Horses

Matching guests to horses is a delicate balance, which requires a little bit of science and a little bit of art. Our horses are various sizes, temperaments, and heights, which is a little like the riders (!) so before coming on safari, we ask our guests to send in their height and weight, as well as their competency on horseback.

This might include how many years they’ve been riding, what pace they are comfortable going at on a horse, and how skilled they consider themselves to be as a rider.

In turn, we know our horses as though they were our own children, and their temperament is key to ensuring a comfortable safari for all our guests. Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes after a day or two in the saddle, we make a change when we know the rider will benefit.

Felicia is something of a horse whisperer, and alongside schooling the horses, she also practices Bowen therapy on them, and spends quite a lot of time speaking to them. She’s completely in tune with the horses, knowing when they aren’t quite right, and spending a little extra time with them to try and get them back on track. It’s rare that we find ourselves out on safari with any issue – all our horses absolutely love being out and about on safari. They thrive on the wide open plains, and love the freedom of journeying from one camp to another, an experience which our riding guests also adore by the end of a safari. As one guest put it “no field will ever be long enough, now that I’ve ridden in Africa”.

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