Treading lightly on the planet

Climate change and global warming are definitely two things we are concerned about. We have experienced flash floods and extended drought with each season, and we are fully conscious of leaving as light a footprint on the planet as we possibly can.

We follow the five R’s when it comes to our safaris: reduce, recycle, refuse, reuse and rot.

There’s very little plastic in camp because we transport everything in boxes, fridges and trunks. We don’t give out plastic bottles of water, but instead we have beautiful glass bottles in our tents which are regularly refilled, and we gift our guests with refillable aluminium bottles that they can use for the duration of their safari.

Organic. Local. Community.


Our meat and vegetables are locally and sustainably sourced, with the vegetables being delivered in little to no plastic at all. As most people are aware, Kenya was the first country to ban plastic bags, which makes us super proud. We work with farmers near our home in the foothills of Mount Kenya to source the most beautiful herbs, salad leaves and other vegetables, and we keep it organic as far as we can. We’re also very conscious of the negative impact that the palm oil industry has had on the wildlife in Indonesia, so we make an effort to avoid palm oil whenever we can.

When on safari, we do have some tin can waste, as well as bottles of wine (of course!). These are brought back to Nairobi for recycling with many of the wine bottles being turned into hand blown glasses by the amazing artisans at Kitengela Glass.

So we have reduced the amount of waste we have by refusing to carry any unnecessary plastic on safari. We recycle what we can and reuse anything that has a secondary use, for instance recycling tyres into shoes. Finally, when it comes to rot we have very little food waste, but what waste there is we bury in the ground or carry with us to put into our compost heap at home. Occasionally we leave a juicy little tidbit out for the one resident camp genet cat, who is always happy to see our arrival!

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