When Tyga went to Pony Camp!

Last December, Tyga and Felicia trotted off to Pony Club Camp in Timau. Little Tyga looked quite the part with all the kit and her gorgeous auburn hair creating a halo around her cheery little face. Her three little girlfriends – Emily White (3), Piper Francombe (4) and Marian Stanley (4) joined in as well. Tyga was the youngest in the camp of 60 children, where the age ranged from 3 years and 3 months up to 17!

Kenya’s Pony Club Scene

Kenya has three Pony Club branches – North Kenya, Nairobi and the Rift Valley – each year the Pony Club has a hugely successful and popular Pony Club Camp, usually held upcountry somewhere, where you take your own pony and look after it, with a bit of help!, for a week. Here you have some tuition and do lots of fun showjumping, cross country riding, hacking and lots of fun in the evenings with quiz’s, entertainment and a party at the end of the week.

A beautiful setting on the slopes of Mount Kenya

This year’s camp was set up on the slopes of Mount Kenya, with stunning views and lovely soft grassy terrain for the horses. The children had 3 full days of Pony Camp in which they were taught by Felicia – who proclaimed that the first ingredient of being a good pony club teacher is a strong sense of humour!! Tyga went with Inka, her 6 year old pony, who was beautifully behaved and looked after by the syce Jackson. With the main focus being on having fun and building confidence at the same time, the children rode with giraffe, swam in muddy lakes and learnt to groom their horses – it wasn’t the usual pony camp! Tyga was the proud winner of her rosette for youngest participant for this camp.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Thego stayed at home with Daddy, and spread endless happiness with his super smile!

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