THE SAFARI CUP: This cup is awarded each year to the horse/horses that have successfully completed the most number of safaris.

THE VICTOR LUDORUM CUP: This cup is awarded each year to the horse that shows great courage, progress and overall recognition for their extraordinary work.


CHEMILIL: 15hh ~ 1999 ~ Thoroughbred/Somali cross ~ Liver chestnut gelding. A true character, Chemilil is an enjoyable ride and loves to jump. He is a well-known escape artist, undoing or chewing through his rope and letting all the horses loose with him! He was bred on a farm not far from Lake Victoria. Chemilil won the Safari Cup in 2014, 2016 and 2017. He also won the Victor Ludorum in 2019.

MARANIA: 16hh ~ 2001 ~ Thoroughbred ~ Chestnut mare. Marania came from Zimbabwe for polo but decided the game was not for her. She is a lovely safari mare, easy in every way and very independent. She loves to jump and on occasion has stepped up as Gordie’s lead horse. Marania won the Victor Ludorum in 2018.

MSHALE: 15.2hh ~ 2001 ~ South African Boerperd ~ Dark bay gelding. Mshale came from South Africa in 2006 and is the first Boerperd Safaris Unlimited has owned. This breed is the only native horse found in South Africa and has influences of Thoroughbred, Arab, Andalusian and many more. A forward-going lead horse, Mshale is eager and loves to jump. He won the Victor Ludorum in 2015 and the Safari Cup in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Mshale is Gordie’s lead horse of choice and it is fun to watch them communicate with each other – they share a very strong bond.

CAPRIVI: 15.2hh ~ 2004 ~ South African Warmblood ~ Grey gelding. Caprivi came to Kenya from Zambia in 2010 and we bought him in 2014. His sire was a well-known eventing stallion in South Africa. He is a flashy grey, well-schooled and jumps with ease. He has flourished with safari life and loves the wide-open spaces of Kenya’s game country. Caprivi won the Safari Cup in 2015 and 2017.

FIREHAWK: 15.2hh ~ 2005 ~ South African Thoroughbred ~ Black gelding. Firehawk is a well-travelled horse. Starting his career in South Africa as a racehorse he moved swiftly onto polo. Originally brought to Kenya by Gideon Moi, he ended up in the highlands playing top-level polo before sadly injuring a back tendon in the field. A quieter life was needed for this special horse. He is a forward going ride, always at the front and a great back-up lead horse when needed.

BARILOCHE: 16.1hh ~ 2006 ~ Thoroughbred ~ Dark bay gelding. Bariloche is an ex-racehorse but with a wonderfully laid-back attitude. He has a huge jump on him, has been well-schooled and bravely steps up to be a lead horse if needed. Bariloche won the Safari Cup in 2017.

KIPKELION: 16.1hh ~ 2007 ~ American Saddlebred/Irish Draft cross ~ Light bay gelding. A big, stocky and handsome boy, Kipkelion came from the same farm as Koru and Chemilil. He was so loved by a previous guest that they made a movie about him - a must see on our YouTube channel!

RIO: 16.1hh ~ 2008 ~ Thoroughbred ~ Dark bay gelding. Rio is also by the famous Argentine stallion, Pochard. He likes to jump and is a regular on most riding safaris.  Rio is a gentle horse with a wonderfully laid back attitude. Rio won the Safari Cup in 2018.

RIPTIDE: 16.1hh ~ 2008 ~ Thoroughbred ~ Light bay gelding. Riptide came from the same farm as Rio and they share the same sire. More of a forward going horse than his brother, he has a wonderful, extravagant jump. Rio and Riptide were both broken in using the Parelli natural horsemanship method. He likes to be near the front and has guided with Gordie before.

FANTASIA: 15.2hh ~ 2008 ~ Appaloosa ~ Leopard spot mare. Fantasia is a Zambian bred Appaloosa. She is an incredible horse who has competed in Open Eventing and Polo in Kenya and now joins the team riding out across the vast open plains amongst the wildlife.

JASPER: 15.1hh ~ 2010 ~ Thoroughbred ~ Chestnut gelding. Jasper is a firm favourite. He came from the same farm as Rio and Riptide and shares the same sire. He floats along in canter, jumps well and is an easy ride. Jasper won the Safari Cup in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

EWASO: 14.3hh ~ 2010 ~ French Arab/Somali Thoroughbred cross ~ Light bay gelding. A homebred, Ewaso is a very handsome, cheeky bay with heaps of attitude and character. He was bred on the ranch and broken in using horse whispering techniques. A lovely ride with a good jump. Ewaso won the Safari Cup in 2018.

FLASHMAN: 15hh ~ 2010 ~ French Arab/Thoroughbred cross ~ Chestnut gelding. A very smart, homebred chestnut with a striking white flash. His dam, Two Socks, was an outstanding safari horse, as was his sire, Congo. Flashman is a comfortable ride with a fun personality and is fast turning into a safari legend. 

ICENI: 15.1hh ~ 2010 ~ Percheron/Boerperd cross ~ Dark bay mare. Iceni originally came from South Africa and was brought up to Kenya by Sirai Stud. They found her running wild in the Free State and chose her for her composure and kind eye. She was broken in and used as a recipient broodmare for the first embryo transfer ever to be done on a horse in Kenya. She had three foals before returning to work after it was felt that she was being wasted as a recipient mare. Forward going with a lovely jump, she is also our resident supermodel having modelled for the Italian GQ magazine in 2014! Iceni won the Safari Cup in 2019.

MOSHI: 14hh ~ 2010 ~ Somali/Thoroughbred cross ~ Flea bitten grey mare. Bred by Gordie’s father for the grandchildren and recently sent to us, we are hoping that Moshi will be a fabulous safari pony. She has a cheeky, fun character and a scopey jump. 

INKA: 12hh ~ 2011 ~ Ethiopian cross ~ Light bay mare. Bred by the famous Rose Dyer, Inka was our daughter Tyga’s first birthday present. A loveable, plucky pony who has grown up in the bush. Inka and Tyga completed their first pony club camp in 2018.

NYOTA: 15hh ~ 2012 ~ French Arab/Arabian cross ~ Light bay mare. Nyota was homebred by Shaula, a long-standing safari legend. Fast taking after her mother on safari, Nyota is brave, forward going and already proving to be a pro.

REGO: 15.3hh ~ 2012 ~ Fresian/Boerped cross~ Light bay gelding. An exciting and very elegant horse to have at our stables, Rego was bred by Sirai Stud and is beautifully schooled. He loves to jump and we are hoping he will be Gordie’s lead horse in the future.

GERONIMO: 15.1hh ~ 2012 ~ Thoroughbred/Warmblood cross ~ Chestnut gelding. Geronimo’s dam was purchased during the Zimbabwean Land Crisis for 80 litres of diesel! His sire, Crazy Horse, is a well-known stallion in the Kenyan Highlands. He is a fantastically brave safari horse with an athletic jump and looks wonderfully flashy with his four white socks.

NAVAJO15hh ~ 2012 ~ Thoroughbred cross ~ Tri-coloured gelding. Navajo is a striking chap and a kind personality to match. He is half brother to Geronimo by the same sire, Crazy Horse. A fun forward going ride with a lovely jump.

TOMAHAWK15.1hh ~ 2013 ~ Thoroughbred cross ~ Dark bay mare. Coming from a very good polo mare, Tomahawk is bred for the sport. She is related to both Navajo and Geronimo by the same sire, Crazy Horse. Her athletic build makes her a very smooth ride.

DALI: 15hh ~ 2014 ~ Fresian/Boerped cross ~ Black mare. Dali is a striking horse, half-sister to Rego out of the same dam.  She is a smooth ride having been beautifully schooled at Sirai Stud.

PICASSO: 15.2hh ~ 2014 ~ Appaloosa ~ Leopard spot gelding. Picasso and Wayan’s sire originally came from Texas, in America, arriving in Zambia in 2008. The brothers are the first Appaloosa horse’s to be seen on safari in Kenya. Imported from Zambia by truck they have come a long way north. Picasso has an inquisitive and yet laid-back attitude. He stands out from the crowd with his striking spots.

WAYAN: 15.2hh ~ 2014 ~ Appaloosa ~ Snowcapped gelding. Wayan is a big gentle giant, who loves attention. Like his brother he has a laid back personable attitude to work. He loves safari life and is turning out to be a fabulous horse.

ZHALEH: 2016 ~ French Arab/Thoroughbred cross ~ Light bay filly. Zhaleh was a little surprise from one of our best safari mares, Kashan, sired by Congo.

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