Treading lightly on the planet

Climate change and global warming are definitely two things we are concerned about. We have experienced flash floods and extended drought with each season, and we are fully conscious of leaving as light a footprint on the planet as we possibly can. We follow the five R’s when it comes to our safaris: reduce, recycle, …

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Supporting Riding for the Disabled

We came across Riding for the Disabled in Kenya through close friends of my father. It’s an amazing local charity where a team of volunteers helps assist disabled children – many of whom have no access to any form of therapy – to ride and play games on horseback in a safe and happy environment. …

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Spot the new ones

2018 was quite the year of purchases for the the stables of Safaris Unlimited, with some fantastic new blood lines and exceptional quality horses being added to our already excellent herd. It was also the first time we have imported horses into Kenya. A brief outline of the horse in Kenya. Kenya’s horse scene is …

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When Tyga went to Pony Camp!

Last December, Tyga and Felicia trotted off to Pony Club Camp in Timau. Little Tyga looked quite the part with all the kit and her gorgeous auburn hair creating a halo around her cheery little face. Her three little girlfriends – Emily White (3), Piper Francombe (4) and Marian Stanley (4) joined in as well. …

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The Woman behind the name – Felicia Church

Where are you from originally? I’m a Leicestershire lass – I grew up on a beautiful farm surrounded by horses, dogs, pigs. It was a wonderful and wild childhood. What brought you to Africa? I was working in racing at the yearling sales up until December 2009 at which time the U.K. was gripped by a …

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Amazing Argentina on Horseback

Argentina – land of the Andean Condor, a place of mystical mountains and fluttering spring flowers, home to warm estancia’s and ranches to roam for days. Flowing Malbec and clear trout streams, rolling hills and steep mountain trails. Could there be a better place, apart from Kenya of course, to explore on horseback?   Felicia …

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