When Tyga went to Pony Camp!

Last December, Tyga and Felicia trotted off to Pony Club Camp in Timau. Little Tyga looked quite the part with all the kit and her gorgeous auburn hair creating a halo around her cheery little face. Her three little girlfriends – Emily White (3), Piper Francombe (4) and Marian Stanley (4) joined in as well. …

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The Woman behind the name – Felicia Church

Where are you from originally? I’m a Leicestershire lass – I grew up on a beautiful farm surrounded by horses, dogs, pigs. It was a wonderful and wild childhood. What brought you to Africa? I was working in racing at the yearling sales up until December 2009 at which time the U.K. was gripped by a …

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Amazing Argentina on Horseback

Argentina – land of the Andean Condor, a place of mystical mountains and fluttering spring flowers, home to warm estancia’s and ranches to roam for days. Flowing Malbec and clear trout streams, rolling hills and steep mountain trails. Could there be a better place, apart from Kenya of course, to explore on horseback?   Felicia …

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A Scottish Safari

From the warmth of the African plains, hot dust underfoot and bright sun overhead, to the misty, rain soaked hills of Scotland. I started first in the seaside town of Oban, seagulls screeching overhead as a grey and hostile sea battered in from the West. From there, a short journey to a private estate on …

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On Safari with Safaris Unlimited’s ‘Little People’

Business is family, family is business. I was brought up acutely aware of Dad, and Safaris Unlimited – I knew about the seasons that were busy, and the safari seasons that were quiet. Sometimes the results manifested in how many holidays we could go on, but more often than not, I knew because of how …

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Tony Church 80 Years Safaris Unlimited Africa Kenya

What it looks like to have 39 family members on safari!!

Last week, we celebrated my father’s 80th birthday, in typical “Church” style, by mobilizing no less than 39 family members to a camp in the southern corner of the Mara Triangle, for five nights. The idea was to bring our own tents, and camp in a style not dissimilar to how my Papa would have …

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