What it takes to get a safari on the road!

It’s sometimes hard to imagine what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to preparing for a safari. A little like that glorious period in life when your parents held your passport and your only duty was to turn up and be excited about whatever the plan was… that’s how we want it to be for you when you’re with us in the wilds.

Mantras for 2021

I have discovered six mantras that I love and plan to fulfill for the remainder of this year and beyond. We need to do so much more for our environment and our planet. There is a climate crisis and we must reconnect with nature. 1. GET INVOLVED. I will vote at every opportunity, speak out …

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My heart sinks for Africa in the time of Covid-19

My heart sinks for our beloved Africa. Slaughtered in broad daylight by some mystical virus from a far-off land that was created by a perverse culture infatuated with consuming exotic mammals, whom in a savage twist of irony, originate right here in the so called ‘dark continent’.

From Pili Pili Purusi to Giant Guhondo: adventures in Congo – Rwanda – Uganda

Our visits to the giant lands of the Congo have spanned four decades, and its thrall has never diminished. There’s still a palpable burble of excitement in my stomach when one of our guests asks about a safari into the land that Joseph Conrad named the Heart of Darkness. Not because there’s a certain risk …

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Big Tusker from the North dies

Matt was one of Kenya’s Big Tuskers and a well-known elder. He appears to have died from natural causes after a 52 year life roaming huge distances across Northern Kenya. He was tracked by Save the Elephants, and they reckon he may have travelled further than any other elephant nearly circumventing Mount Kenya from Meru …

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Bringing Pangolins back to the Maasai Mara

One of our close friends and a neighbour at home, Claire Brainch, has started Kenya’s first Pangolin Project in the Masai Mara. This highly endangered species is hugely misunderstood by the local community – along with creatures like the chameleon, hyena and owls – and thought to be bringers of bad luck and misfortune. Claire …

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