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Safaris Unlimited’s ‘Little People’

Business is family, family is business. I was brought up acutely aware of Dad, and Safaris Unlimited – I knew about the seasons that were busy, and the seasons that were quiet. Sometimes the results manifested in how many holidays we could go on, but more often than not, I knew because of how many …

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Tony Church 80 Years Safaris Unlimited Africa Kenya

What it looks like to have 39 family members on safari!!

Last week, we celebrated my father’s 80th birthday, in typical “Church” style, by mobilizing no less than 39 family members to a camp in the southern corner of the Mara Triangle, for five nights. The idea was to bring our own tents, and camp in a style not dissimilar to how my Papa would have …

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Jumping on Horseback Safaris Unlimited Africa Kenya

How We Match Our Guests To Our Horses

Matching guests to horses is a delicate balance, which requires a little bit of science and a little bit of art. Our horses are various sizes, temperaments, and heights, which is a little like the riders (!) so before coming on safari, we ask our guests to send in their height and weight, as well …

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The Man Behind The Name

We tracked Gordie down in between safaris to ask him a few questions that would give us an insight into the person he is. What’s your first safari memory? Being on safari in Amboseli, which is in the southern area of Kenya. Memories of enormous Tortillas acacia trees, snow on ‘Kilimanjaro’ and terrifying Masai warriors …

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Safaris Unlimited Best Horses 2017 Kenya Riding Safaris Africa

Horses of the year 2017 – our four top performers.

Recognising and rewarding our hardest working horses is a big part of celebrating an amazing season! It’s also an important ritual for us, because our horses are such a key part of our lives. So we started our ‘Safari Cup’ in 2010 to make a real fuss out of our top performers. Our Safaris Unlimited …

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