Month: January 2018

Safaris Unlimited Best Horses 2017 Kenya Riding Safaris Africa

Horses of the year 2017 – our four top performers.

Recognising and rewarding our hardest working horses is a big part of celebrating an amazing season! It’s also an important ritual for us, because our horses are such a key part of our lives. So we started our ‘Safari Cup’ in 2010 to make a real fuss out of our top performers.

Our Safaris Unlimited “Safari Cup” is awarded to the horses that have completed the most safari days in each particular year. In 2017, we had a busy year, but four horses in particular performed fantastically!

Caprivi ~ This Warmblood x came from Zambia and is a real favorite of the Safaris Unlimited guests. He is forward going with a fabulous jump. Caprivi has his quirks, but we love him for it.

Chemilil ~ Somali pony x Thoroughbred. A true champion that never misses a safari. He is one of our oldest team members, but you would never know it apart from his greying face. Cheeky as ever, unties or chews through his rope and partial to the odd nip. Watch out for your macadamia nuts and oranges during your picnic lunch!

Bariloche ~ Thoroughbred. Off the track and trained to jump. A lovely brave ride. He is a very kind horse with a loving personality.

Mshale ~ Boerped. The real winner and legend of them all. Gordie’s beloved lead horse. He fearlessly guides his herd of four legged friends through a plethora of wildlife across the Masai Mara, time and time again.

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